The RBG Reichel Business Group GmbH supports you in project development and accompaniment from the vision, conception to financing and implementation. Peter-Michael Reichel acts as a consultant and head of Think-Thanks. His daughter Sandra is the manager. The family business Reichel continues to contribute to the revitalization of the existing infrastructure with various events. To name just a few:

  • Reuse of existing sports facilities
  • Promotion of the region in economy and tourism
  • Sports promotion, e.g. women's sports or youth sports on behalf of associations
  • Merchandising

Further services management consulting

In individual cases, advice and representation of athletes in the agency. Sponsor consulting in advising companies on the question "How to invest in sport ?!"

About Peter-Michael Reichel

Peter-Michael Reichel is the initiator of the WTA tournament in Linz, which has been showing world-class tennis at the top international level in Linz since 1991.

In the WTA (Women's Tennis Association) he is highly successful on the board of directors.

Since 2019 he has been organizing the ATP500 tournament "Hamburg European Open" at Hamburg's Rothenbaum together with his daughter Sandra Reichel.

Peter-Michael Reichel offers his expertise for various tasks in sport and business. The know-how from over 30 years of experience can be found in the advice on events from the vision, the conception to the implementation in sport, business or culture. His network offers excellent connections to international partners in China, Saudi Arabia, the USA and Europe, especially in Great Britain, Germany and Switzerland.