RBG Reichel Business Group GmbH has several shares within its home country and abroad that include following companies:

  • Matchmaker Consulting GmbH
  • Matchmaker Event GmbH
  • LOYS Repositionierungs-Agentur GmbH
  • Massive Capital Limited

Matchmaker Event GmbH

The MatchMaker Event GmbH supports the events of the RBG Reichel Business Group GmbH.

LOYS Repositionierungs-Agentur GmbH

LOYS sets as a strategical partner new operations in brands, marketing and communication of enterprises. LOYS optimizes. LOYS positions.

Matchmaker Consulting GmbH

The MatchMaker Consulting GmbH features 25 years of expert know-how, develops visions and offers solutions for mostly every question in sports.