Very positive festival results of the 6th Swiss Alps Classics

The organisers of the Swiss Alps Classics draw a very positive conclusion from the sixth edition of the festival. “The response from our spectators was very good. The feedback rewarded our very demanding and diverse program and once again our special concert locations”, said festival founder and organizer Peter-Michael Reichel. Reichel was particularly enthusiastic about the new venue Bürgenstock Resort Lake Lucerne, which was added to the festival this year. “The natural panorama in the Lakeview Ballroom 500 metres above Lake Lucerne was unique”, said Reichel of the final concert with the Austrian-Ukrainian exceptional violinist Maxim Brilinsky and the Swiss Alps Chamber Ensemble on June 12.

But he also highlighted once again the long-standing partnership with The Chedi Andermatt: “Our festival originated in The Chedi, this is our home. ” On June 10, Salzburg star violinist Benjamin Schmid, Viennese pianist Andrea Linsbauer and Viennese presenter Christoph Wagner-Trenkwitz performed in the Gotthardsaal of The Chedi with a Fritz Kreisler program that combined art, education and the best entertainment. Every year, The Chedi also houses the Festival Office, where the head of the organizing committee Sandra Reichel, the founder’s daughter, works with her team.

The Artistic Director, Clemens Hellsberg, summed up the program, which was under the motto “Festival of the violin”: “In addition to the outstanding artistic achievements, the human agreement of all the performers was impressive – whether it was the alumni of the Lang Lang International Music Foundation, who took part in the opening evening at the Park Hotel Vitznau, whether about the trio at the Fritz Kreisler evening, whether about the young “devil violinist” Ziyu He and his duo partner Christopher Hinterhuber. In this respect, the final evening at the Lakeview Ballroom was also a special experience: a Ukrainian-born with Austrian citizenship, an American-born and two Austrians – four musicians engaged in Vienna orchestras, who knew each other but had never performed in this formation before, played in Switzerland to perfection. Works by two Austrian and one Belgian, Ukrainian, Polish and Norwegian composers. Culture has always existed the peaceful coexistence and coexistence of the most diverse nations and states – perhaps, better: should this not be a model, a model for politics?“

The organizers were also satisfied with the number of spectators. The four venues – Park Hotel Vitznau, The Chedi Andermatt, Andermatt Konzerthalle and Bürgenstock Resort – attracted a total of almost 600 visitors. Naturally, the top spot was the concert hall as the largest venue with 230 spectators, including an enthusiastic group of students from the Uri Music School. The date for the seventh edition of the Swiss Alps Classics in June 2023 will be announced shortly. Then the motto follows “Mozart” (2017), “Familie” (2018), “Komponistenfestival” (2019), “Beethoven. 250” (2020), “Variations on the subject of music” (2021) and “Festival of the Violin” (2022).